‘our lady of the flowers: refracted’ @ first draft gallery (SYD) Feb 2017

Embittered Swish talks with Frances Barrett for Art and Australia, following the exhibition

Listing at firstdraft

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our lady of the flowers: refracted …. was a further development of Embittered Swish’s stage show, Our Lady of the Flowers. Traces of past performances are considered in objects, altars, and debris devised and accumulated by participating artists, causing the ghosts of the immediate and more distant transgender past to resurface, confused.
Ghostly durational sound scape by Romy Fox. Possessed robotic hand Sculpture by Bobuq Sayed. Wooden Alter by Mossy 333. Hanging haunting dress by Rare Candy. With writing and holding by Ainslie Templeton and Mick Klepner Roe.
Noble Parts on Feb 11th 2017:
Ainslie Templeton and Jo Pol summoning the ghosts of medieval trammy insurrection
Shedding Muscles & Banishing Dust – An opera by Mossy, Mick and Romy
Filthy Mist on Feb 18th 2017:
Brian Fuata and Bobuq Sayed- induced dissociation, enmeshment and the radical intimacy of queer brown bodies terrorised and eroticised by the white space of the gallery/ gaze.
‘The last gay kiss’ by Toby (Beau Kirq) and Mick Klepner Roe
Mossy Pebbles a solo in the rain
Drowning and Drifting by Romy Fox and Okapi Neon- tension & time in intimate relationships.
Bobuq Sayed and Krishna Istha- Cultural practices surrounding birth, nourishment, nostalgia and (im)purity are interrogated by the two artists of colour, who conjoin rituals of the body with poetry that challenges the governing post-colonial myths of reconciliation and independence.

Image result for embittered swish at firstdraft

Image result for embittered swish at firstdraft



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