Developments of ‘Estrogenesis’ (to be presented at Next Wave festival 2018)

Embittered Swish- Next Wave helix

First funded development at Punctum (Seedpod) May 2017: ‘The Creatures Creatures’: A performance about a viral outbreak, a bug chaser, an erotic terrorist…

listing on Punctum’s website

Glitch and other dramatic moments compilation

Key artists: Bobuq Sayed, Romy Seven Fox, Mick Klepner Roe. With last day arrival Mossy 333. Produced by Jude Anderson (Punctum) and Jai Leeworthy.



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Second development at Mechanics Institute: funded by Next Wave:

Glitch investigates the medical-industrial complex, shame and transformative liberation, imagining a world where trans people become state controlled cyborgs.
Embittered Swish is Bobuq Sayed, Mossy 333, Romy Seven Fox (music), and Mick Klepner Roe.

August showing of ‘Glitch’

The show is now called ‘Estrogenesis’ and we will post more about it soon!!

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