Embittered Swish presents ‘Our Lady of the Flowers’: October 16-19th 2016 La Mama Courthouse

Trailer of Our Lady of the Flowers

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~based upon Jean Genet’s 1943 novel of the same name~

Devised and Performed by: Krishna Istha, Mick Klepner Roe, Mossy Pebbles, Bobuq Sayed and Cinnamon Templeton

Holding It All Together: Mick Klepner Roe

Holding Text: Cinnamon Templeton

Set Design: M’ck McKeague

Sound Design: Romy Seven (Scum Witch)

Costume Design: Rare Candy

Lighting design: Nathan Burmeister

Production Management: Betty Buckrich and Zakaria Shahruddin

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